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landmarks (historical buildings) along the stretch of river

Formal Hill Street Police Station
This building was erected in 1934 for use as the Hill Street Police Station and Barracks. Hill Street Police Station was used during the Japanese occupation as a holding area for prisoners.Now the building is used by Ministry of Information, Arts, and Communication (MICA).Due to growing technology and infrastructure,the building which was a police station in the past,is now not suitable to house a legal police force.

Ex-shophouses along the river

In the1860s,this shophouses along the river were once occupied by traders as warehouses to store their goods.Now the shophouses are used by restaurants and bars.This is so as the positions of the ex-shophouses are in the central of Singapore which is very convenient to Singaporeans.There is also amazing architectural and cultural design of the shophouses,and not to mention a beautiful view of the river.

The Fullerton hotel
In 1942, various Government departments, which included the Agriculture, Fisheries and Forest departments, were housed here. The building was then used as a hospital just before the British surrender to the Japanese in 1942. The Income Tax Department (starting late 1948), Ministry of Finance and the Economic Development Board later occupied it. The General Post Office (GPO) was its last occupant until March 1996.-
After a long period of governmental usuage,the hotel along with it's rich history and perfect location was bought over and made into a prestigious hotel which still is up to today.

A famous landmark,The Stamford Raffles statue

This statue was built in 1972 on the landing site of Sir Stamford Raffles to honour the "founder" who made Singapore from a small fishing village into a modern metropolis.

                                                                 Singapore river-past
                                                           Singapore river-present

As you can see,there are a few changes in the river route.It might be because of the progress in infrastructures,therefore causing this few changes.Overall,there should not be a major change in the shape course of the Singapore River unless something major happens.

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Panoramic view of the Area

Map of the Area

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